Restoration of Gas Pipe Hindered
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 24 Jan.'06 / 10:58

Rehabilitation works to restore main gas pipeline blown-up in North Ossetia is hindered because of the technical reasons, Russian news agencies reported.

The welding of pipes was stopped to avoid an explosion when gas condensation started to flow.

But this was not the only reason for the delay. Vasily Zinoviev, a top executive from the gas transportation company KavkazTransGaz, told Interfax news agency that the new pipes, which were brought to the site to replace the damaged pipes, turned out to be defective.

“Extremely low temperatures - minus 24 degrees - and strong wind in the gorge makes the situation even more difficult,” Zinoviev said.

Russian news agencies reported that restoration of the pipeline was scheduled to be finished by late Monday and that gas was expected to flow through the pipe by Tuesday morning.

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