Georgian Press on Giorgadze
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 25 May.'06 / 12:25

The Georgian press extensively covered the wanted ex-security chief Igor Giorgadze’s public appearance in Moscow, describing it as a “legalization of Giorgadze by Russia.”

Giorgadze, who is wanted by Georgia for terrorism charges and is on Interpol's international wanted list, appeared publicly for the first time in 11 years and convened a news conference in the office of Russian news paper Argumenty i Facti in Moscow on May 24. Giorgadze, who leads the Justice Party, demanded early presidential and parliamentary elections in Georgia.

The daily 24 Saati (24 Hours) writes that “the Kremlin’s attack on the Georgian authorities has moved into a new phase,” but the paper downplays the importance of Giorgadze’s role in Georgian politics.

“The Georgian authorities, as well as the opposition, know very well the fact which is not understood by Russian politicians and analysts – being pro-Russian means political death in Georgia,” the 24 Saati says.

The daily Rezonansi also says that the “legendary” appearance of Giorgadze will hardly become a headache for the Georgian authorities.

“According to the polls, Giorgadze has less than 1% support in Georgia. We, the opposition, as well as the authorities, do not consider him a threat,” MP Pikria Chikhradze of the New Rights opposition party told Rezonansi.

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