Opposition Claims Authorities to Use Giorgadze as a ‘Threat’
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 25 May.'06 / 15:04

In a joint statement issued on May 25 leaders of the four opposition parties – New Rights, Republicans, Conservative and Freedom – condemned wanted ex-Security Chief Igor Giorgadze’s political activities and alleged that the Saakashvili administration will try to create “a political scarecrow” out of Giorgadze.

“We have serious doubts, that the authorities want to create a scarecrow from Igor Giorgadze in order to make the society believe that if there is a danger of Igor Giorgadze’s coming to power, better to have the present authorities,” Davit Gamkrelidze, leader of the New Rights party, said.

Russia-based fugitive Igor Giorgadze, who is wanted by Georgia for terrorism charges, leads the Justice Party (Samartlianoba). The party has its affiliated organizations, including Anti-Soros, which is a public movement and Giorgadze's Foundation, which is described as a charitable organization. The Foundation is chaired by once an influential politician Irina Sarishvili.

“It is absolutely real that Saakashvili and Giorgadze will try to create opposite political poles in order to neutralize major opposition forces – the policy which was often resorted by [ex-President Eduard] Shevardnadze and [ex-Adjarian leader Aslan] Abashidze in the past,” the opposition parties’ statement reads.

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