Secessionist Leaders Set up ‘Community for Democracy’
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 14 Jun.'06 / 18:03

During a summit in the Abkhaz capital Sokhumi on June 14 Abkhaz, South Ossetian, and Transdnestrian leaders - Sergey Bagapsh, Eduard Kokoity and Igor Smirnov, respectively - signed a joint statement and a joint declaration, Apsnipress news agency reported.

The first statement voiced support for the Russian peacekeeping operations in these three regions, while the other document unveiled the principles of the future relationship between the three unrecognized republics.

In a joint statement, the three secessionist leaders expressed gratitude to the Russian Federation for its peacekeeping efforts aimed at maintaining peace and stability in the Caucasus-Black Sea region. The sides expressed assurance that the peacekeeping operations carried out with the participation of the Russian Federation will ensure the protection of the rights of the populations of Abkhazia, Transdnestria, and South Ossetia.    

“The sides consider any actions directed towards disruption of the existing peacekeeping operations unacceptable until there is a final resolution of conflicts... Change of the current format of the peacekeeping operations without taking into account the opinions of the populations of Abkhazia, Transdnestria, and South Ossetia -including at the expense of attracting third countries and international organizations - will cause unpredictable consequences and the entire responsibility for this will lie on Georgia and Moldova,“ the joint statement reads.

The sides also decided to establish joint peacekeeping forces against the background of a deteriorating security situation in Abkhazia, Transdnestria, and South Ossetia.

In this joint declaration, the three secessionist leaders announced the creation of a Community for Democracy and Human Rights.

According to the joint declaration, the key goals of the community will be:
• International recognition of the Republics of Abkhazia, Transdnestria, and South Ossetia;

• Achievement of common goals through exclusively peaceful means and political methods on the basis of mutually beneficial and equal cooperation;

• Supremacy of will of the population while making decisions and the inadmissibility of rejecting the principles of sovereignty and independence while holding talks on a political settlement;

• Development and strengthening of democratic institutions;

• Respect and protection of human rights, regardless of a persons nationality, race, cultural, or language, as well as regardless of the status of the state where they live;

• Creation of favorable conditions for the development of the economy in the name of prosperity and well-being of the peoples of Abkhazia, Transdnestria, and South Ossetia;

• Preservation and development of the cultural, national, and territorial identity of the peoples of Abkhazia, Transdnestria, and South Ossetia.
The joint declaration also reads that the new community will not be directed against any third country or international organization.

“We are sure that our peaceful initiatives and aspirations will positively influence the dynamics of modern world-wide and regional processes and gain large-scale international support,” the joint declaration reads.

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