Saakashvili Comments on UN Resolution on Abkhazia
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 14 Oct.'06 / 14:00

Commenting on the UN resolution on Abkhazia adopted October 13, President Saakashvili said that although there are "several disputable aspects" in the text of the resolution, he still welcomes the fact that two major demands of the Russian side were not reflected in it.      

“The first is an unconditional denunciation of the Georgian police operation in upper Kodori Gorge that would have serious legal force; and the second, the restoration of the status quo that existed in the gorge prior to this operation. This would have meant the withdrawal of the legitimate Abkhaz authorities from Kodori Gorge and renaming of Kodori Gorge,” Saakashvili said.

“Everyone should understand that the separatists will not get back even a piece of [Tbilisi-] controlled land. This is one third of the Abkhaz territory and we plan to expand the presence of legitimate Georgian and Abkhaz structures on these territories,” the Georgian President said.

Meanwhile, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said on October 13, while commenting on the part of the resolution that notes “the stabilizing role” of Russian peacekeepers in the conflict zone, that “the Georgian side will adopt relevant measures in due course and circumstances to tackle the tasks it is facing and insure modification of the peace operation format and replacement of the existing contingent with international forces.”

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