Iran, Georgia Sign Electricity Deal
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 24 Oct.'06 / 10:28

Iran has signed a mutual executive agreement to swap electricity with Georgia via Armenia, IRNA news agency reported on October 23.

Following talks with his Georgian counterpart Nika Gilauri in Tehran, Iranian Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said that according to the agreement, Iran will transfer some 50 megawatts of electricity via Armenia to Georgia starting from late November.

According to IRNA, the Iranian minister also noted that Iran can transfer electricity to Russia via Georgia, adding that the countries have expressed interest in connecting electricity networks to Russia, according to a three-party agreement.

He added that the sides will invite Russia to take part in the next meeting, to be held in three months, and asked to join the electricity network.

Georgian Energy Minister Nika Gilauri hailed the exchange of power between the two neighboring countries as positive and expressed hope that the capacity of energy exchange will increase to 300 megawatts soon.

The Iranian Energy Minister expressed hope that the Islamic Republicís power network will eventually be connected to the European Unionís electricity networks if the Iran-Georgia link becomes operational, and then connects via Georgia to Russia and Ukraine, according to IRNA.

Speaking about the possible export of Iranian gas to Georgia, the Iranian Energy Minister said that that negotiations have not yet been concluded.

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