Key to Conflict Resolution is in Europe – Sanakoev Says
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 3 Jul.'07 / 15:27

Dimitri Sanakoev, the head of the Tbilisi-loyal South Ossetian provisional administration, has called on the European Union to act as mediator between Tbilisi and his administration. Tbilisi established his administration in May and installed him as its leader.

Speaking at a high-profile conference in Batumi on July 3, which discusses Georgia’s progress in implementing the European Neighborhood Policy Action Plan, Sanakoev told diplomats from EU-member states that his administration had already begun the process of defining South Ossetia's status within a united Georgian state.

“Working groups will be set up in the nearest future to continue work with the Georgian central authorities in order to develop an agreed model,” Sanakoev said.

“However, I can tell you sincerely, although we share common goals, already at this stage there are many issues over which we have a position different from the central authorities. We argue a lot about what will be the best way to achieve our common goals. For this reason, it is of vital importance for us to let an independent and unbiased arbiter to take part in this process. Europe is an arbiter of this kind,” Sanakoev said.

He also said he “deeply believes that the key to conflict resolution is in Europe.”

“It is in Europe and in democratic South Ossetia… It is in your active participation; it is in an activated European diplomacy,” he told European officials present at the conference.

Sanakoev called on “Europe, European institutions, politicians and experts to actively engage in debate on South Ossetia’s future status.”

“Be active in helping the Ossetian people and the entire population of South Ossetia. Be active in order to finally put an end to the conflict. Be active in order to save our children’s future,” he added.

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