Activists Jailed Illegally – Public Defender
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 23 Oct.'07 / 15:53

Three activists from the opposition group Equality Institute and one from the youth wing of the opposition Republican Party were jailed illegally, Public Defender Sozar Subari said on October 23.

The four activists were detained on October 16 after, according to the police, protesters in downtown Tbilisi attempted to block the city’s main street. The march was held following the creation of a new movement by the youth wings of opposition parties. The four activists were later sentenced to 20-days' imprisonment for public disorder offences.

“I can honestly say that I consider them to be illegally detained prisoners,” Subari told reporters. “The charges brought against them were not proven.”

The Public Defender also pointed out that the activists were being held in “bad” conditions. “They [the prison administration] have promised us to improve these conditions soon,” he added.

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