‘We will Confront Authorities Politically’ – Patarkatsishvili
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 2 Nov.'07 / 13:34

The authorities should be confronted solely through political means, through elections, business tycoon, Badri Patarkatsishvili, told Imedi TV on November 2 upon his arrival back to Tbilisi from London.

“What I want is that everything to be peaceful,” he said. “I am absolutely ready to do my best to ensure that the protest rally does not go beyond constitutional frames. We should show to everybody that we are wise people, we will never betray those values – and these are western values – which we planned to achieve.”

“Therefore, we will do our utmost – if we do not like the authorities – to confront them with political means; to hold elections, wherein those [forces] will win which will be worthier and which will be elected by the people. This is the major task I will be engaged in.”

He also said: “I was asked whether I would attend the protest rally and I answered that probably I would not.”

In a written statement issued on October 28, he would provide funding to the opposition for holding protest rallies “in a civilized manner.” Following that statement he handed over management rights of his shares in the Imedi media holding to his partners in the News Corporation for a one-year term.

Meanwhile, a huge banner was hanged outside the building next to the parliament on November 2, which depicted a cartoon of Badri Patarkatsishvili in a role of puppet master orchestrating with the opposition leaders. The banner reads: Badrionetebi – a combination of Patarkatsishvili’s first name, Badri, and a word, marionettes.

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