Patarkatsishvili: ‘Saakashvili's Regime Dangerous, Merciless’
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 19 Dec.'07 / 23:55

Business tycoon and presidential candidate Badri Patarkatsishvili said his proposal to finance with his own money large-scale social assistance programs had gotten the authorities worried.

Patarkatsishvili’s televised comments were aired by the Imedi TV in its evening news on December 19. The television, co-owned by Patarkatsishvili, said that full version of the statement would be broadcasted on December 20.

“the authorities had enough time to resolve unemployment and root out unbearable poverty.” “But instead of doing it, the Saakashvili regime has spent money on purchasing tear gas, rubber bullets and batons and on training punishment squads," he said. "Meanwhile, I have been spending all of my money on strengthening the country’s economy, helping people, creating independent media sources; I have invested hundreds of millions in Georgia, but have not taken back even one Tetri [the Georgian equivalant of a cent or penny].”

“On November 7 the Saakashvili regime showed its real face, which is dangerous and merciless. Instead of apologising, he [Saakashvili] imposed a state of emergency and raided Imedi TV and then offered the population a new theatrical show called presidential elections.”

A full version of Patarkatsishvili's statement is expected to be broadcast on December 20.

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