Burjanadze’s Statement on Refusal to Run for Reelection
/ 21 Apr.'08 / 19:51

I want to announce with full responsibility that despite of my decision, which I will announce now, I always protected and will protect the interests of my country; wherever I will be and whatever position I will hold, I will do everything that is necessary for my country, its future and well-being of my people. I will perform my human and civil duties anywhere and will always give a proper response to our ill-wishers both inside and outside the country.

At the same time I want to stress that in any case, regardless of certain differences in positions, I will stand where my country and my people need most of all. I want to stress – everybody should know well and should understand well – this is my firm position – that different opinions do not mean weakening of the Georgian authorities or weakening the unity of our government. I categorically rule out any possibility that my further statement can be directed against the interest of the country. In all critical cases I will be where my country and my people will need it.

I want also to say that despite long, serious and difficult consultations, unfortunately, no consensus has been reached in the process of formation of the National Movement’s party list [of MP candidates]. In my opinion, it is no tragedy and it can happen in any normal democratic state. It is not pleasant, but it is not a tragedy as well. It should not trigger – and it will not trigger – any political, and especially state crisis. It is a part of a democratic process, towards which I and my allies have always been striving for.

Despite my decision I think that from strategic point of view, the country was developing, is developing and will develop in the right direction. At the same time, it is worth noting, that much is still to be changed from tactical point of view and certain mistakes have been made. I believe and believed that we received more than enough lessons recently that should have been reflected in our further policy. I also think that the election is the best way to renew a political team, to outline new policy for achieving those strategically correct goals, which our country has and towards which we have been going during this period.

I think that the current political processes need to be amended. I think that certain mistakes made by the authorities should be addressed immediately. This process has been launched to a certain extend. Simultaneously, I do not disclaim responsibility for the actions undertaken while serving as parliamentary chairperson or acting president. I believed and still believe that we can succeed in this country only through evolutionary way of political developments in frames of the constitution.

I always believed and believe that Georgians will elect a worthy government and the government, in its turn, will see the reality and will always be inclined towards this reality.

The society remembers well that this is not the first case when I am trying to give an opportunity in the parliamentary elections to new, probably non-partisan, but honest professionals. Today probably nobody has any questions why new figures, the so called Burjanadze’s team should have come to politics – present Foreign Minister Davit Bakradze, present governor in Kakheti Levan Bezhashvili, present ambassador to the European Union Salome Samadashvili – dignified persons, who were presented in the parliament.

I believed and still believe that there are forces in Georgia, who will really manage to lead this country into the right direction. I believe that we will manage to be fair. I really want to wish it to that political party or political group, in the list of which I was presented until today.

I tried to promote in the party list new figures, new faces, who, in my opinion, would really do much good for the country and would get involved in more important reforms, who would make reforms more humane. I am sure that without speedy and important novelties in a number of directions, effective development of the country will be difficult. Much is still to be done in the country, important reforms should be carried out, it is necessary to carry out such a judicial reform, which will raise no questions and which will establish a sense of justice among the people. We should carry out such reforms, which will give people a faith in future.

I decided not to run in the May 21 parliamentary elections. The decision is final and will not be changed. I want to believe and I am sure that the country will develop in the right direction; our society will establish new democratic values without destroying old, acceptable values.  

I am sure that our society will make a correct choice and we will continue development with right steps. I want to confirm that I will do my best to ensure that fair, free and democratic elections are held.

Accordingly, I will not disclaim the responsibility for holding fair and democratic elections. I will continue to perform the parliamentary chairperson’s duties until the election of a new parliament and I wish success to our people, to our country. I want to hope that the team, with which I was working for such a long time, will also achieve success. I want to wish success to this team, but at the same time I want to wish this team to take into consideration everything that is important for implementing successful reforms in the future, for successful development of the country, for ensuring that our country is strong, successful, democratic, fair and worthy, as it is suitable for our society.

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