MIA Releases Drone Footage of Russian Military in Abkhazia
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 12 May.'08 / 19:33

Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) released on May 12 footage shot by its unmanned reconnaissance drone showing, what it said was, movement and deployment of the Russian troops and their military hardware in breakaway Abkhazia.

“Our drones are conducting reconnaissance of the Abkhaz territory to identify where the Russian and Abkhaz armed forces and military hardware are concentrated,” Shota Utiashvili, head of the Interior Ministry’s information and analytical department, told Mze TV.

He pointed out that the footage was recorded on May 8, when the Abkhaz side claimed that they shot down the Georgian drone. “But as you see the drone has returned and brought very valuable information,” Utiashvili said.

On May 12 the Abkhaz side claimed that they shot down two more Georgian drones, but Tbilisi has strongly denied that.

“We have not lost any drone since April 20, when our unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by the Russian jet. The Abkhaz side simply does not possess capability that could pose a threat to our unmanned aerial vehicle,” Utiashvili sad.

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