MIA Issues Data on Russian Troops in Georgia
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 30 Aug.'08 / 13:33

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has released data on the deployment of Russian forces at various locations in Georgia as of August 27.  

“All locations and numbers given here are double-checked,” the ministry said. “The MIA could not verify all information available and the actual number of both Russian military equipment and personnel on the ground may be much higher.”

Below is the data as provided by the Georgian MIA:

Illegal Russian Check-points in Georgia

The locations of illegal Russian check-points in eastern Georgia, including Shida Kartli, other adjacent areas of “South Ossetia” and “South Ossetia” itself, according to MIA sources, as of August 27 2008:

1. Perevi (Sachkhere district)
2. Ghodora (Sachkhere district)
3. Muguti (Znauri district)
4. Ali (Khashuri district)
5. Ptsa (Kareli district)
6. Variani (Gori district)
7. Karaleti (Gori district)
8. Shavshvebi (Gori district)
9. Ergneti (Gori district)
10. Tsiara (Java  district)

Note: There are approximately 60 Russian servicemen and four armoured vehicles stationed at each place. The vehicles often move from one place to another “patrolling” the nearby territories and villages.

11. Ikoti in Akhalgori district (seven infantry combat vehicles, one armoured vehicle, six Ural-type vehicles, two Gaz-66 vehicles, one military power shovel, one mobile medical unit, two granade-launchers, trenches are dug, 100 Russian servicemen)
12. Approximately 15 armoured vehicles are stationed between the villages of Meghvrekisi and Brotsleti in the Gori district.
13. One kilometer north of Odzisi in the Akhalgori district (one armoured vehicle, 15 Russian servicemen)
14. The village of Mosabruni in the Akhalgori district (one armoured vehicle, 15 Russian servicemen)

Note: Russian servicemen and armoured vehicles at a newly opened check-point north of Odzisi and Mosabruni were redeployed from other check-points.

The locations of Russian check-points in western Georgia, according to MIA sources, as of August 27, 2008:

Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region

1. Teklati village (near Senaki), at a former mechanical plant (five armoured vehicles, one crane, two Ural-type vehicles, one vehicle with communication systems, one UAZ-type vehicle, one Vilis-type car, one large army tent, trenches are dug, 40 Russian servicemen)

2. Pirveli Maisi village (Khobi district), near a former Georgian police check-point (two armoured vehicles,  two Ural-type vehicles, one UAZ-type vehicle, one large army tent, trenches are dug, 40 Russian servicemen)

3. In Poti between the villages of Shua Khorga and Chaladidi (Khobi district), so-called Poti Minor, near the turn to Kulevi oil terminal (four armoured vehicles, two Ural-type vehicles, one large army tent, 30 Russian servicemen)

4. Menji village, Bakaraia neighborhood (Senaki district), at the Menji sanatorium, 10 meters from the railroad (three armoured vehicle, four Ural-type vehicle, two cranes, one military power shovel, one large army tent, 40 Russian servicemen)

5. Kantisubani village, between Tsalenjikha-Chkhorotsku road section (three armoured vehicles, two Ural-type vehicles, one large army tent, trenches are dug, 30 Russian servicemen)

6. Crossroads at the entrances to the villages of Chale and Muzhava in the Tsalenjikha district (three armoured vehicles, one Ural-type vehicle, 20 Russian servicemen)

7. Chkhorotsku town, at a former airfield, near Senaki-Chkhorotsku highway (three armoured vehicles, two Ural-type vehicles, one vehicle with an electricity generator, two large army tents, 40 Russian servicemen)

8. Nabada settlement, at the entrance to Poti (two armoured vehicles, one Ural-type vehicle, one UAZ-type vehicle, one military power shovel, one large army tent, 30 Russian servicemen)

Upper Abkhazia/Kodori Gorge

9. Gentsvisi
10. Omarishara
11. Sakeni
12. Chkhalta
13. Kvapchara

Note: Due to the extremely difficult situation in the region, obtaining accurate numbers on Russian and Abkhaz military deployment is difficult. All sources report substantial Russian and Abkhaz deployments in the region.

In addition, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsin, the deputy head of the Russian General Staff, stated at a press-conference on August 22, 2008 that the Russian armed forces had established new check-points in the following locations:

14. Khudoni
18. Meore Gudava
19. Anaklia
20. Mount Kvira

Note: The Russian side has not denied the existance of the abovementioned check-points throughout Georgia.

Total number of personnel and vehicles:

• Russian servicemen: 970
• Armoured vehicles: 66
• Infantry combat vehicles: seven
• Grenade launchers: two
• Ural-type vehicles: 22
• UAZ-type vehicles: three
• Gaz-66 vehicles: two
• Vilis-type cars: one
 Military tents: eight
• Cranes: three
 Military power shovels: three
• Vehicles with communication systems: one
 Vehicles with an electricity generator: one
 Mobile medical units: one

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