Senior MP: Radical Stance of Opposition Poses Threat of Chaos
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 30 Mar.'09 / 14:38

Rhetoric of a radical opposition rejecting dialogue with the authorities pose threat of spiraling political processes out of control, a senior lawmaker from the ruling party, Giorgi Gabashvili, said.

Speaking in the public TV’s talk show, Political Week, on Sunday evening, Gabashvili said that he was not claiming that opposition leaders, rejecting dialogue with the authorities and pushing for radical demands involving President Saakashvili’s resignation, were plotting a coup. He, however, warned that “radical and extremist stance” of part of the opposition parties contained risk of “disorders, which they themselves would fail to control and that is the major threat.”

“When one creates such a wave wherein one does not want a dialogue with anyone and does not want political methods and instead of that one wants only extreme and radical confrontation, then the control of such radical confrontation goes out of their own hands,” MP Gabashvili said.

He also said that there were “lots of interests, including the Russian one,” which would try “fishing in troubled waters.”

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