Opposition Widens Rallies in Tbilisi
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 10 Apr.'09 / 16:40

Opposition leaders told supporters they have decided to geographically broaden rallies throughout Tbilisi in an attempt to mount more pressure on the authorities.

They said there would be simultaneous protest rallies at three various venues in the capital city – outside the Parliament; the Georgian Public Broadcaster and the presidential residence in Avlabari district.

Kakha Kukava of the Conservative Party, who informed the protesters outside the Parliament about the opposition plans, said the move was part of, as he put it, “civil disobedience” to force President Saakashvili to resign.

Number of protesters outside the Parliament as of 4:30 was smaller than it was on April 9, which was a holiday in Georgia.

“We will broaden the rally and launch civil disobedience,” Kukava told the rally. “At 6 pm today we will launch rally, in parallel with the Rustaveli Avenue, and block the Kostava Street outside the public broadcaster, as well as we will block the Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue in Avlabari [district, close to the presidential residence].”

“So from 6pm one part of the protesters led by Alliance for Georgia and Levan Gachechiladze will move towards the public broadcaster,” he continued. “And another part of protesters will start marching towards Avlabari and block the Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue. This march will be led by Conservative Party; Movement for United Georgia and Party of People.”

The third part of protesters along with other opposition leaders, he said, would remain outside the Parliament.

The schedule of simultaneous rallies will change from April 11; rallies will start on these three venues from 3pm and later at 9pm every day protesters would return back to the main focal point outside the Parliament for, what the opposition leaders call, “information rallies.”

Opposition leaders also told supporters that they would not step back in their drive to force President Saakashvili to resign. 

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