Parliament Prolongs Restrictions on Entry
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 13 Apr.'09 / 17:06

The parliamentary leadership has decided to prolong “restrictions” on entry into the parliament building, citing ongoing protest rallies.

Restriction on entry of journalists in the Parliament building was imposed from April 9.

On April 13, the parliamentary bureau session was held. Bureau is a body uniting senior lawmakers and which gathers on weekly basis to determine the Parliament’s working schedule. No parliamentary sessions are scheduled this week; but session of parliamentary committees, lawmakers said, would be held this week.

Journalists were not attending the April 13 bureau session, which usually are public; the press service of parliament released later some footage of the session with Parliamentary Chairman Davit Bakradze’s remarks.

“These rallies have affected the work of many state structures,” Bakradze said. “We try to minimize contacts, which the protesters have with the representatives of various state structures, including police, fire service or other services, including the cleaning service and naturally, the parliament will continue its work by taking this factor into the consideration.”

Senior lawmakers from the ruling party have been gathering in the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office since the launch of protest rallies outside the Parliament on April 9.

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