Opposition Suspends Plans for Highway Blocking
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 5 May.'09 / 16:29

Opposition leaders said on May 5, that they would not proceed further with their plan to block key highway at three locations close to Tbilisi.

Zviad Dzidziguri, leader of Conservative Party, said in presence of other opposition leaders, those behind the ongoing protests, that the opposition decided to postpone one-hour blocking of the highway for two or three days, before “the circumstances is fully clarified” about the developments in the Mukhrovani military unit.

“Saakashvili has started using the Georgian army for the political purposes; in order to obstruct today’s planned picketing of the highway by the opposition, he has decided to offer us yet another stage show involving video recordings,” Dzidziguri said. “We do not believe even slightly that the Georgian army is a victim of the Russian provocations and is engaged in the Russia’s provocations.”

Davit Gamkrelidze, leader of New Rights Party, part of Alliance for Georgia, said “we suspect that conditions are being prepared by the authorities for announcing state of emergency.”

The opposition leaders have also said that that they believed the video footage released earlier on May 5 by the Interior Ministry was “staged.”

Irakli Alasania, the leader of Alliance for Georgia, said that the video footage and mentioning name of former military official and his ally Gia Karkarashvili in the context of having links to the mutiny, was “utter nonsense.”

He also said that he would not make any political statement or political assessment of developments in Mukhrovani because of lack of information.

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