Foreign Investments USD 1.56 bln in 2008
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 22 May.'09 / 17:11

Foreign direct investment was USD 1.564 bln in 2008 in Georgia, down from 2.014 bln in 2007, according to the final estimation by the Georgian Statistics Department.

In late March, the Statistics Department released “preliminary estimations” saying that FDI was USD 1.293 bln last year.
Breakdown of foreign investments by countries have also been revised. United Arab Emirates still tops the list with USD 306.5 million; followed by the United States – USD 167 million; Turkey – USD 164.5 million; United Kingdom – USD 148.9 million; Netherlands - USD 135.8 million.

USD 156.8 million was invested in Georgia last years by offshore companies based in British Virgin Islands, according to the Statistics Department.

Transport and communication sector was the largest recipient of foreign direct investments with total of USD 422.6 million. USD 294 million was invested in the energy and power sector and USD 277.8 million in real estate business; USD 207.3 million – industry sector and USD 56.7 million – construction sector; agriculture – USD 7.8 million.

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