Saakashvili: Key Promise of Rose Revolution Fulfilled
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 9 Sep.'09 / 16:24

President Saakashvili said on September 9, that the Georgian government created equal opportunities and chances for everyone and by doing so it had fulfilled key promises of the Rose Revolution.

He said that the World Bank’s recent survey in terms of ease of doing business in which Georgia was ranked 11th was a confirmation of his words.

“Georgia has progressed in Doing Business rating on 11th place,” Saakashvili said while speaking at a government-organized event in the town of Telavi in eastern region of Kakheti. The event was similar to the one which was held in Tbilisi on Saturday aimed at demonstrating, as the government said, its achievements.

“It [the Doing Business ranking] means that there are only ten countries in the world, where doing business is slightly easier than in Georgia,” Saakashvili continued.

“It means that the government managed so far to fulfill the key promise, which was given during the Rose Revolution. The government managed to create possibilities for our people in order to live better, to create perspectives and hope for better future. The government managed to give a chance to our people. Now it is up to each of us – up to me; up to the ministers -but first of all, to all of you, our businessmen to use this chance.”

While speaking, Saakashvili was standing on a background of a huge banner depicting the Doing Business report’s ranking. On the right side from Saakashvili a farm cart, a tiny Soviet-old Zaporozhets and Soviet-era Volga Gaz-21 cars were standing and on the left side from him – an old Opel Vectra and a new Mercedes cabriolet.

Saakashvili used exhibited vehicles to compare how, as he said, Georgia progressed on Doing Business rankings in recent years from 112th place – or from farm cart to 11th place – or to new Mercedes cabriolet.

“We will move to a better life with this cabriolet,” he said.

“With this car [referring to new Mercedes cabriolet] now I am going to open a newly [re]constructed ten kilometer section of Gombori road [in the Kakheti region],” Saakashvili said and sat at the Mercedes’ steering wheel.

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