Russian MFA on War Report
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 30 Sep.'09 / 23:16

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that some “ambiguous” parts of a report by EU-funded mission probing into the August war cannot overshadow “the major conclusion about Tbilisi’s fault for unleashed aggression against peaceful South Ossetia.”

“In our opinion, the efforts of the commission have not passed in vain – any thinking person can derive from the report published on September 30 a key conclusion that the aggression against South Ossetia overnight on August 8, 2008 was unleashed by Georgia’s present authorities,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

It also said that the report includes a number of “ambiguous” formulations that reflects “politicized approaches of many EU member states towards the August 2008 developments and their consequences.” 

“The section of the report about unproportional use of force by the Russian side raises many questions, but actually it is easy to find such arguments in the report, which confirm artificial character of such considerations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

It also said that Russia had to use force beyond South Ossetia in order to “suppress those positions on the territory of Georgia, which were used for attacking on South Ossetia.”

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