Georgia’s Foreign Trade Up 15% in Q1
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 24 Apr.'10 / 16:33

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in first quarter of 2010 was USD 1.36 billion, up by 15% from last year’s first quarter, the state statistics office, Geostat, said on April 23.
The value of export was USD 339 million, up by 55% from last year’s first quarter and import was USD 1.02 billion, up by 6% from the same period f 2009. Trade deficit stood at USD 681 million, which is down by 9%, Geostat said.

Turkey remained the Georgia’s largest trading partner in the first quarter with USD 212 million, followed by Azerbaijan – USD 137 million; Ukraine – USD 127 million; Russia – USD 73.3 million; Germany – USD 73.22 million; the United States – USD 71.85 million; China – USD 71.5 million; Bulgaria – 42.6 million; Armenia – USD 40.6 million and United Arab Emirates – USD 39.44 million.

Ferro-alloys remained the number one Georgian export, amounting USD 57 million and oil products top the list of imports totaling USD 119 million in the first quarter of 2010.

Meanwhile on April 24, Georgian PM, Nika Gilauri, said that the government had revised upward GDP growth forecast and now it expected growth from 3% to 5%, instead of initially forecasted 2%.

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