Subari Withdraws from Elections
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 29 Apr.'10 / 15:54

Ex-public defender and co-chairman of opposition Alliance for Georgia has withdrew from election race and will no longer run for Tbilisi City Council chairmanship.

The Alliance for Georgia said that Subari’s decision was made to further demonstrate that his proposal, known as “formula of victory”, was not an empty political gesture. On March 31 Subari called on opposition parties, running in the elections, to support Alliance for Georgia’s leader Irakli Alasania in his mayoral bid and in exchange offered that the Alliance would support representative from other opposition group on the post of City Council chairmanship. Series of consultations were held on the matter, but they failed to bring any results.

“I remain committed to my proposal… Although I do not run in the elections, but I remain in the struggle,” Subari said on April 29.

In his proposal, which was laid out in his March 31 newspaper article, Subari warned that there would be a little chance of success without broader opposition support to Alasania’s mayoral bid.

The Alliance for Georgia said on April 29 that in case of taking majority in the Tbilisi City Council, it would support on the post of the council chairmanship a candidate from a party, which will come second in the elections.

After Subari’s withdrawal, Alliance for Georgia’s list of candidates, running on party-list, proportional system, is now led by Tina Khidasheli of the Republican Party.

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