CDM Mayoral Candidate: ‘Expectations are Positive’
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 30 May.'10 / 13:16

Giorgi Chanturia, a mayoral candidate nominated by Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM), said after casting a ballot that he expects positive outcome from the Sunday’s polls.

“Everything should be changed for better. Therefore, I voted for the future of my Tbilisi and for the happiness of the people living here. I have very positive expectations. Anyway, these elections are positive and I think it will bring good to everyone,” he told journalists.

MP Giorgi Targamadze, a leader of CDM, said after casting a ballot that these elections would mark “historic” moment for his party.

“This is a historical process of coming Christian-Democratic Movement to the local authorities, wherein each vote will have a decisive importance. I and my family have joined our votes with the votes of those tens of thousands of Georgians for whom Christianity and democracy are major values,” MP Giorgi Targamadze said.

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