National Council on Local Elections
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 2 Jun.'10 / 16:00

National Council, a coalition uniting Conservative Party, Party of People and ex-PM Zurab Nogaideli’s Movement for Fair Georgia, said local elections were marred by significant violations including pressure on voters and the polls could not be considered as free and fair.

“Hence, the National Council is not joining congratulations extended to the ruling party, because the election results are not based on free choice of the Georgian citizens,” the National Council said in a statement on June 2.

It also said that the coalition would continue to address violations observed during the elections through legal means including court proceedings.

The National Council said the opposition’s failure to unit and challenge the ruling party with united front was “the major reason” of the opposition’s failure in the local elections.

With slightly over 8%, the National Council was fourth in Tbilisi after the ruling National Movement party, Alliance for Georgia and Christian-Democratic Movement.

The National Council performed better in some provincial constituencies. It outpolled other opposition parties in at least seven provincial constituencies coming second after the ruling party in Adjara Autonomous Republic’s Kobuleti and Khulo, as well as in mountainous districts of Dusheti, Kazbegi, Tianeti. According to the results available as of now, the National Council has cleared 5% threshold, necessary for endorsing its candidates through party-list, proportional system in at least 23 municipalities. (For details see the map of election results).
“The National Council does not deem clearing threshold as a success in the local elections. The only success in today’s Georgia can be change of the Saakashvili’s regime… The National Council will continue fight for the change of the Saakashvili regime and is ready to cooperate with everyone, whose goal is a real change of these authorities,” the coalition said.

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