Tbilisi Condemns Medvedevís Sokhumi Visit
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 9 Aug.'10 / 17:44

Russian President’s visit to Sokhumi, which was made “in a manner of the Soviet political leaders” was “yet another cynical act” demonstrating Moscow’s unwillingness to follow obligation undertaken by August 12, 2008 six-point ceasefire agreement, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.
Medvedev, accompanied by Russia’s Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, paid a brief, unannounced visit to Sokhumi on August 8.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry said that the visit was also an attempt to “to create an illusion of legitimacy for [Moscow’s] proxy regime” in Sokhumi.

“The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Georgia expresses its strict protest over yet another attempt to destabilize the situation and to escalate tension in the Caucasian region and calls for the international community to force Russia to respect the universally recognized norms and principles of the international law and to unconditionally fulfill the commitments under the six-point Agreement,” it said.

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