U.S. 'Wants to See Russia Fully Adhere' to Six-Point Agreement
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 10 Aug.'10 / 12:48

The United States "will continue to encourage" Russia to cooperate fully and meet its obligations under the 2008 Ceasefire Agreement, the U.S. Department of State spokesman, Philip J. Crowley said on August 9.

“We want to see Russia fully adhere to its obligations under this agreement,” he said at a press briefing in Washington, while responding a question whether the diplomacy had failed after the August war, as Russia still remained in control of the two breakaway regions..

“When the Secretary [of State, Hillary Clinton] was in Georgia recently, she reiterated our strong support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And she called on Russia to recognize its commitments under the 2008 Ceasefire Agreement mediated by French President Sarkozy and signed by both President Medvedev and President Saakashvili,” Crowley said. “There is a Geneva process through which, periodically, these issues are considered.”

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