Revised 2009 FDI Figures
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 24 Aug.'10 / 23:08

Foreign direct investment in Georgia fell to USD 658.4 million in 2009, 57.8% down from 2008's USD 1.563 billion, according to final data released by Georgian statistics office, Geostat, on August 24.

According to preliminary figures released by Geostat in March, 2010, last year's FDI was USD 759.1 million. Geostat attributes revision of figure to factors like, among others, transfer or sale of shares from non-resident to residents, as well as to cases of reclassification of non-residents into residents.

A breakdown of FDI inflows by country has also been significantly revised.

In the preliminary data released in March, Egypt was listed as the second largest investor in Georgia in 2009; but in the final data Egypt is not listed at all.

United Arab Emirates was the largest investor in Georgia with USD 162.8 million, followed by Turkey with USD 97.9 million, according to the final figures.

Breakdown of FDI inflows by sectors has also been revised. According to the final figures, real estate sector attracted most of FDI - USD 147.4 million, followed by industrial sector - USD 139.8 million; construction - USD 105.2 million; transport and communication - USD 98.4 million.

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