Russian MFA on UN General Assembly Resolution
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 9 Sep.'10 / 10:40

Russian Foreign Minister said on September 8, that UN General Assembly’s “counterproductive” resolution, reiterating right of displaced persons to return “throughout
Georgia, including in Abkhazia and South Ossetia”, would not help confidence building in the region.

The Russian MFA said that the resolution “is fraught with complicating situation in the region and may hit Geneva discussions, which are already ongoing in an uneasy” conditions.

It criticized the resolution for not taking into account realities on the ground and for referring Abkhazia and South Ossetia as parts of Georgia.

“Against the background of Georgia’s persistent refusal to sign with the Abkhaz and South Ossetian sides legally binding agreement on non-use of force, it looks like a pure demagogy [the resolution’s] call on participants of Geneva discussions ‘to intensify their efforts to establish a durable peace, to commit to enhanced confidence-building measures’,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

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