TV to Air Film on ‘Russian Spy Network Fiasco’
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 2 Nov.'10 / 14:59

Georgia’s nationwide broadcaster, Rustavi 2, aired promotional video of an upcoming documentary about, as it put it, “total fiasco of the Russian intelligence”.

The 40-second promo, first aired on November 1, provides some hints indicating that the documentary will apparently be about reported arrest of a group of Georgian citizens allegedly working for the Russian intelligence.

The promo mentions “18 spies”, although it was initially reported that 20 persons were arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia.

“Rustavi 2 presents documentary film ‘Enveri’; Russian intelligence taken by Georgia’s bait; methods through which the Russian intelligence operates throughout the world; the largest spy network has been exposed; total fiasco of the Russian intelligence; on Rustavi 2 soon”, the promo says.

Rustavi 2 TV, usually used for leaking official information, was non-committal when contacted for comment on the upcoming film.

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