Opposition Politician: Scale of Rally to Define Plans
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 22 Nov.'10 / 23:40

An opposition politician from National Forum party, which among some other parties is behind the planned rally outside the Parliament on November 25, said that the tactic employed by the organizers would depend on the scale of the rally.

Gubaz Sanikidze, one of the leaders of the National Forum, told Maestro TV late on Monday evening, that the November 25 should mark launch of the end of President Saakashvili's government.

He said that the organizers had two plans - one that would be resorted in case of large-scale rally, which he defined as "tens of thousands" of people; "in that case timeframe for achieving the goal will be shorter", he said; and another plan - in case of a small-scale rally, in case of which, he said, more time would be required to achieve the eventual goal of resignation of Saakashvili. Sanikidze declined to elaborate on details of those plans.

He said that failure of the process, which is expected to launch on November 25, would cause "a long-term stagnation and a political desert" in Georgia. 

National Forum is nominally part of the group of opposition parties, which has launched talks with the ruling party on election system reform. Sanikidze said that his party still remained part of that group. He said that being co-organizers of the rally and at the same time keeping links with ongoing negotiating process "are not incompatible". He, however, also said that he did not think talks would yield results.

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