FM 'Dissatisfied with Unfounded Questions' Asked on Photographers Case
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 18 Jul.'11 / 20:11

Georgian Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze, said on July 18, that he was “dissatisfied” by “unfounded questions” asked by some journalists about the case of arrested photojournalists, who are charged with espionage in favor of Russia.

Vashadze said there were, as he put it, “weighty evidence” to substantiate charges against the arrested photographers.

“These evidence will be put before the court. Secondly, all the accused have given confession statements and as I have already told you previously that [making confession by photographers] was expected, because the case contains extremely weighty evidence,” Vashadze said.

“As far as a reaction from some of our so called media sources and the press is concerned, to say the truth I am very dissatisfied because they ask absolutely unfounded questions – for example if [Giorgi Abdaladze, one of the arrested photographers, who was hired by the Foreign Ministry] had access [to confidential information] or not, as if a spy operates in accordance what he has or has not access to,” Vashadze said.

“I am also interested whether journalists apologize before our law enforcement agencies or not after all the evidence into the case will be revealed in the court,” Vashadze added.

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