Saakashvili on Medvedev's Georgia Interview
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 10 Aug.'11 / 00:52

President Saakashvili said on August 9, that his Russian counterpart, whom he described as lacking "real power" and being "under the shadow of another man", was paying too much attention to Georgia and personally to him which was not "a normal situation."

"Few days ago I've seen on TV the President of the country, which is hundred-fold larger than [Georgia]," Saakashvili said referring to a lengthy interview which Medvedev gave on August 4 to Georgian and Russian media outlets. 

He said that his press office "counted" and found out that from 55-minute interview Medvedev "dedicated 39 minutes to me."

"Doesn't the leader - although with limited powers - of such a huge country have anything else to do but to think about the Georgian President?" Saakashvili said. "That's not a normal situation, because we do not want to be part of various geopolitical games."

He also said that he had not watched Medvedev's interview "in full, because I have many other things to do."

Saakashvili made the remarks while speaking with a group of young people participating in the Georgian government-funded Patriotic Camp in Anaklia on the Black Sea coast close to breakaway Abkhazia.

Also on August 9 the Georgian Foreign Ministry said that it was "yet another cynical step" by President Medvedev to submit to Russia's State Duma for ratification military base treaties with Sokhumi and Tskhinvali on the eve of the three year anniversary of the 2008 war.


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