Georgian MFA on Developments in Libya
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 23 Aug.'11 / 18:15

The Georgian Foreign Ministry said on August 23 it “welcomes the fact that the Libyan people's struggle for freedom has entered its decisive stage in the last few days.”

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement, that Tbilisi “supports the efforts undertaken by the Transitional National Council of Libya towards ensuring order and stability in the country”, as well as efforts by NATO “to protect peaceful population from their dictator, Gaddafi.”

“The recent developments in Libya should serve as an example to all dictators in the world of the fact that force and threats cannot contain the free will of a people.”

“It is to be hoped that the Libyan people will soon be given a chance to uphold their rights and express their free will throughout their own country,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said. “Georgia itself has experienced the destructive force of war and internal conflicts, and is very aware of the price of peace and democracy.”

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