Russian MFA on Saakashvili’s UN Speech
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 24 Sep.'11 / 13:56

Like most of his speeches, President Saakashvili’s address to the UN General Assembly was yet another “exercise in rhetoric” with usual elements of “unrestrained self-praise” and blaming Moscow for “all the deadly sins,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on September 23.

“Hardly this speech requires any special comment. It was hardly different from any of his speeches made on the international forums,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a press statement.

“On the one hand unrestrained self-praise, obsessive advertisement of ‘fantastic success of freedom and democracy in Georgia’ and on the other hand anti-Russian insinuations, trying accusing Russia for all the deadly sins ranging from ‘occupation’ to terrorism are required elements of [Saakashvili’s speeches].”

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that it had voiced for multiple times its position about these issues and there was no reason to do the same each time after the Georgian President’s “exercise in rhetoric.”

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