Ivanishvili Urges U.S. to Help Secure Free Elections
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 30 Jan.'12 / 22:53

Ahead of Saakashvili-Obama meeting at the White House, billionaire opposition politician Bidzina Ivanishvili called on the Washington “to apply all assets available to secure free and fair” parliamentary elections in Georgia later this year.

Ivanishvili statement appeared as a full-page ad in the Washington Post and the New York Times on January 30 and is made in a style of an open letter, addressed to the U.S. President, headlined “Georgia at the Crossroads”.

“Despite my attitude towards the policies of Georgia’s ruling elite I am optimistic to learn that President Saakashvili was invited to visit the White House,” it reads.

“The time is high for every true friend of Georgia, as the parliamentary elections in October are scheduled, to contain President Saakashvili within intensive dialogue to make him abstain from a critically errant attempt of extending his stay in power at any expense, which may turn fatal for Georgia.”

“We urge the leaders of the USA and the entire democratic community, do proceed and encourage the nation’s movement towards the Euro-Atlantic integration, and at the same time, do apply all assets available to secure free and fair ballot for our citizens at the October 2012 parliamentary elections,” it reads.

Ivanishvili also expressed hope, that President Saakashvili visit to the United States “will bring about tangible success for Georgia on its way to democratic transformation.”

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