Moscow Slams Saakashvili's Baku Speech
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 12 Mar.'12 / 16:13

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday it was “truly regrettable” that Azerbaijan provided its parliamentary tribune to President Saakashvili’s “delirium” when he addressed the legislative body in Baku on March 7.

The Russian Foreign Ministry addressed the issue in its statement on March 12 in which it expressed “disappointment” about Tbilisi’s refusal to restore diplomatic ties with Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Tbilisi’s refusal demonstrated that Georgia’s declarations about its readiness to improve ties with Russia were “a mere propaganda”, which “cannot be taken seriously.”

“[Georgian leadership’s] genuine stance towards our country and its citizens was explicitly expressed in recent speech of Mr. Saakashvili in Baku,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “[Saakashvili’s] paranoid hostility combined with the Georgian President’s megalomania has prompted him to call on all the nations of post-Soviet space (plus on some ‘Russian patriots’) to ‘join hands’ to fight against Russia.”

“It is truly regrettable, that a parliamentary tribune of our friendly state was provided to this loosely connected delirium,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

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