Elections for Adjara's Local Parliament Set for October 1
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 2 Aug.'12 / 09:46

Simultaneously with parliamentary elections, voters in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara will also elect 21-member local legislative body, Supreme Council, on October 1.

August 5 is a deadline for political parties planning to run in Adjara's local elections to submit application for registration to the Autonomous Republic's election commission.

Adjara’s sitting legislative body has now 18 seats, but in the new Supreme Council number of seats will be increased to 21.

Like the country's Parliament, local legislative body in Adjara is also completely dominated by the ruling UNM party which currently holds 15 seats in the Supreme Council with remaining three seats held by members from the Christian-Democratic Movement. Most of the opposition parties boycotted local elections in Adjara in November, 2008.

Like the national Parliament, Adjara's Supreme Council is also elected for a four-year term based on mixed system with six out of 21 members elected through majoritarian contest in the Autonomous Republic’s single-mandate constituencies and remaining 15 seats are distributed among the parties or blocs which will clear 5% threshold in proportional, party-list contest.

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