Government Resigns
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 11 Oct.'12 / 16:32

President Saakashvili has accepted the resignation of the Georgian government, President’s administration said on October 10.
“The new government will be submitted [for confirmation] to the newly elected Parliament within the timeframes established by the constitution,” the President’s administration said in a press release on October 10.

The move signals that the new Parliament should be convened no later than October 17, because according to the constitution the President should nominate new PM within the seven days after the resignation of incumbent government.

This nomination, constitution says, should be made by the President after consultations with parliamentary factions, which means that not only the new Parliament should be convened no later than October 17, but parliamentary factions should also be established by that time.

According to the constitution, after prime ministerial candidate is nominated, the latter should select ministerial candidates through agreement with the President within 10 days. Afterwards, the President within three days will present the government to the Parliament for confidence vote. Within a week the Parliament has either to confirm or reject nominated government and its program; support of at least 76 MPs is required for confirmation.

Under the constitution the government should have automatically resigned anyway after convening of newly elected Parliament.

The newly elected Parliament should be convened only after the Central Election Commission summarizes final vote tally of the October 1 parliamentary election. Deadline for summarizing final vote tally is October 20. According to the law the Parliament should be convened no later than 20 days after the vote tally is summarized.

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