Putin Meets S.Ossetian Leader in Moscow
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 25 Oct.'12 / 15:57

Russian President Vladimir Putin met breakaway South Ossetia’s leader, Leonid Tibilov, in Moscow on October 24, the Kremlin said.
“80 percent of citizens living in South Ossetia are simultaneously citizens of the Russian Federation; therefore, of course, we are not indifferent about how the situation is developing in South Ossetia,” Putin said.

“The situation in the region is somewhat changing now. I hope that it will be changing for better and we will manage to build good relations with our neighbors,” Putin added.

Tibilov thanked President Putin for Russia’s support to Tskhinvali.

“The South Ossetian people remember those important decisions, which were made in August 2008. Both these decisions and the establishment of diplomatic relations have become a milestone in the history of Ossetian people, in the history of Ossetian-Russian relations, which actually have serious historical roots,” Tibilov said.

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