Saakashvili Condemns Navalny Conviction
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 19 Jul.'13 / 03:28

President Saakashvili has condemned the conviction of Russian protest leader Alexei Navalny, who was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of embezzlement, as “unjust” and “cynical” .

“Conviction by Putin’s regime of main fighter against corruption and swindle on charges of swindle is a classical demonstration of cynicism; it, however, will not only fail to snuff out struggle of the Russian people for liberty, but will further intensify it,” Saakashvili said in a written statement on July 18.

“I am sure, that very soon the Russian people, especially its new generation… will achieve fundamental change and Russia will be transformed from being a factor of instability and aggression in the region to a desirable partner for its neighbors,” reads the statement.

“Russia’s current undemocratic governance and its methods of blackmail and intimidation internally and externally represent those main factors, which hamper not only development of Russia itself, but also destroy confidence towards Russia, making it extremely uncomfortable partner,” he said.

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