Election-Related Dates and Deadlines
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 13 Aug.'13 / 18:41

Below are some of the key deadlines, dates and procedures related to the October 27 presidential elections as envisaged by the election code and published by the Central Election Commission (CEC).
September 7 – deadline for political parties and initiative groups to name their presidential candidates and to file an application to CEC to seek permission for launch of collection of signatures of supporters, required for being registered as a presidential candidate.

September 17 – deadline for would-be presidential candidates to submit to CEC signatures of at least 26,530 citizens (0.75% of number of voters) required for being registered as a candidate.

September 27 – deadline for CEC to register presidential candidates.

October 2 – deadline for defining number of each presidential candidate on ballot papers.
October 14 – starting from this date making any change in the voters list will only be possible through court’s ruling.

October 17 – deadline for a presidential candidate to withdraw from the race; if a candidate withdraws from the race after this date, his/her name will still appear on ballot papers;

October 20 – deadline for international observer organizations to apply to CEC for registration to monitor the elections. CEC has to either register or deny in registration within two days after the application is filed.

October 22 – CEC publishes on its website total number of voters, who will be eligible to cast ballot in the October 27 presidential elections; the data should also include number of voters in each of the 73 election districts;

October 25 – starting from 8am on this day till end of voting at 8pm on October 27 publishing of political ratings is banned; only polls showing possible voter turnout can be published in this period of time.

October 27 – election day; polling stations open for voters at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

November 7 – deadline for District Election Commissions to summarize vote tallies based on results from precincts.

November 16 – deadline for CEC to summarize final vote tally of the elections.

Second round of election, if needed, should be held two weeks after the CEC announces results of the first round.

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