U.S. House Speaker 'Troubled by Political Retribution' in Georgia
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 5 Apr.'14 / 11:30

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said he is “deeply troubled by pattern of ongoing harassment and detainment of former government officials as well as current opposition officials” in Georgia.

His written statement on April 4 was made in reaction to questioning of former secretary of National Security Council Giga Bokeria by prosecutors earlier on the same day.

Boehner said that this pattern “should be cause for concern throughout the international community of free nations.”

“The interrogation and intimidation in many cases has been motivated by political retribution, far removed from the fair and impartial justice to which every Georgian is entitled. Today’s report [of questioning Bokeria] is just the latest disturbing news casting doubts regarding the current Georgian government’s commitment to freedom, openness and democracy, especially as the country prepares for local elections. While the United States has no choice but to view these developments in the Republic of Georgia with increasing concern, I will continue to staunchly support the strong partnership the United States enjoys with those Georgians who remain committed to the values and defense of a free, democratic society,” reads the statement.

Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, tweeted: “Getting worried by developments in Georgia. Government's politics of revenge is not congruent with a free and fair election environment.” 

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