Russian MFA: ‘With its Annexation Insinuations, Tbilisi Wants to Discredit Russia’
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 18 Feb.'15 / 12:26

Foreign minister of breakaway South Ossetia, David Sanakoev, is visiting Moscow on February 17-19 to sign an agreement with Russia on “the state border.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on February 17 that this agreement on “the state border” between Moscow and Tskhinvali should help “dispel insinuations, spread recently by the Georgian side, as if [Moscow is] planning to ‘annex’, ‘absorb’, ‘incorporate’ South Ossetia.”

“The goal of such speculation is to discredit policy of Russia in the South Caucasus and to distort essence of its [Russia’s] cooperation with young republics,” it said.

Moscow and Tskhinvali are also preparing a new treaty on “alliance and integration”, which Tbilisi condemns as “de facto annexation” of the region by Russia.

Draft of the planned treaty on “alliance and integration” between Moscow and Tskhinvali, will formalize merger of the breakaway region’s many key structures with those of the Russian Federation. According to the draft treaty defense, security, and customs agencies of the breakaway region should become part of relevant ministries and agencies of Russia. Border crossing point at Roki tunnel, which links the breakaway region with Russia, will be removed, according to the draft.

“Russia’s relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been and remain mutually beneficial, respectful partnership between equal friendly states,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“Cooperation in the sphere of defense has a special relevance amid remaining revanchist stance in Tbilisi,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “Based on relevant bilateral agreements Russian military base is deployed on the territory of South Ossetia and our border guard troops carry out protection of Republic’s [South Ossetia’s] border with Georgia.”

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