GDDG’s Constitutional Court Nomination Sparks CSO, Opposition Criticism
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 29 Nov.'17 / 11:07

The parliamentary opposition and the civil society organizations criticized the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic majority for its decision to nominate Eva Gotsiridze, former member of the High Council of Justice, for a vacant position of the Constitutional Court judge, citing the candidate’s lack of political neutrality.
Representatives of opposition parties pointed at Gotsiridze’s professional qualifications, stressing that she was one of three Georgia-nominated candidates to the European Court of Human Rights, who failed to meet the criteria of the Committee on the Election of Judges.

In the words of United National Movement’s Zaza Bibilashvili, the ruling majority was trying to “find a placement” for Gotsiridze, following the rejection of her ECHR bid.
Zurab Chiaberashvili of the European Georgia said Gotsiridze was known for her remarks “against constitutional, fundamental human rights, when she supported the restriction of freedom of speech concerning the Rustavi 2 TV case.”
Eva Gotsiridze’s candidacy was disapproved by Georgian CSO representatives, with Transparency International’s Oliko Shermadini saying the nominee failed “to demonstrate principled position” when the latter worked at the High Council of Justice, and with Giorgi Beraia of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information saying GDDG’s decision raises “logical doubts” that she acted in consent with the government at her previous position.

Eva Gotsiridze was a non-judge parliament-appointed member of the High Council of Justice and her four-year term in office expired in summer 2017. If the legislature endorses her candidacy, Gotsiridze will replace Lali Papiashvili, whose 10-year term in office expires in December 2017.  

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