Breakaway Abkhaz Government in Crisis
/ 9 Apr.'03 / 10:59

(Tbilisi. April 9, 2003. Civil Georgia) - Georgian reports say de facto President of breakaway Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba accepted resignation of the Prime Minister Genadi Gagulia and the entire cabinet on April 8; however no official confirmation of this report has come from Sokhumi so far.

In the morning on April 8 Vice-President of breakaway Abkhazia told Civil Georgia that Ardzinba rejected the cabinetís appeal for resignation.

The governmentís decision comes after the opposition political partiesí demand calling the cabinet for resignation because of the economy crisis in Abkhazia.

According to the Abkhaz official news agency Apsnipress in 7 April, the opposition political movement Aitaira (Revival) issued a statement calling for a meeting between President Ardzinba, parliament and representatives of all political parties to discuss ways to improve the political situation and tackle urgent social and economic problems.

The statement warned that "simply reshuffling the government will not help." It also called for amending the law on the president and the law on parliamentary elections to ensure that future ballots are fair and democratic.

Aitaira warned that if its requests are ignored, the population is likely to take to the streets.

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