Presidentís Aide Slams Shevardnadze
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 21 Nov.'03 / 23:56

Levan Aleksidze, aide to President Shevardnadze for the issues on international law, issued a statement on November 21, saying that Eduard Shevardnadze is responsible for the November 2 ballot fraud.

“President Shevardnadze turned a blind eye on violations that took place in the Central Election Commission, neglected will of tens of thousands of Georgian citizens and asked for assistance to the separatist-minded leader of the Adjara Autonomous Republic Aslan Abashidze,” Levan Aleksidze says.

He also expressed concern regarding the President’s decision to ask for assistance to Russia, while ignoring the position of the western democracies.

Levan Aleksidze’s statement was another blow for Shevardnadze’s government. Earlier today Secretary of the Georgian National Security Council Tedo Japaridze said that the November 2 parliamentary elections were fraudulent and blamed Shevardnadze's inner circle for misleading him about the situation in the country.

Earlier this week, chief of the state TV channel resigned, saying he could not “in the governmental television any more.”

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