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Georgia’s Commitment Under the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) with NATO – 2004-2006
/ 28 Jun.'05 / 16:13

Proposed Text for Public Release


1.1      Euro-Atlantic Integration
Membership of NATO and integration with the European Union (EU) are the strategic objectives of Georgia’s foreign and security policy. In 2004, Georgia intends to adopt a National Security Concept, which will reflect these objectives. Georgia is aware of the progress it needs to make prior to advancing its NATO membership aspiration.

1.2     Relations with neighbours
Georgia is determined to develop good-neighbourly and constructive relations with all its neighbours. Co-operation with Azerbaijan in the field of energy transportation is of particular importance. Georgia wishes to promote regional co-operation in the South-Caucasus and in the Black sea region.

1.3    Combating terrorism
Georgia takes part in the international fight against terrorism by offering, among others its air space and airfields to support the international coalition during the campaign in Afghanistan. It will continue to exchange relevant information with Allies and Partners. Georgia’s military capabilities to fight terrorist groups have been significantly enhanced and Georgia will continue to carry out enhanced border control and policing measures.

1.4    Democracy, human rights, rule of law, fight against corruption
Georgia intends to build a democratic state, which will guarantee the rule of law and respect for human rights. The Georgian Government is developing a Reform and Development Programme, which will provide detailed objectives to be served by appropriate legislative and structural changes. Georgia will continue to harmonise its legislation with the EU and Council of Europe standards. The Georgian Government is also determined to combat corruption, In this regard, prevention of misappropriation of the public resources and illegal interference of administrative structures in business will be given special attention.

1.5   Democratic control of the armed forces
Georgia has already appointed a civilian Defence Minister. Georgia intends to establish permanent and democratic control and leadership over the Ministry and to separate the functions of the General Staff and the MoD by the end of 2004. Relevant legislation will be presented to the Parliament in 2005.
1.6   Economic development and policy priorities

Georgia intends to establish a functioning and transparent market economy. The Reform and Development Programme, to be finalized end of 2004, will include a number of measures toward this goal, including institutional eradication of corruption, creation of financial stability, attracting/securing foreign investment and the establishment of tangible economic incentives to restore territorial integrity.

1.7   Internal conflicts
Frozen conflicts in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali Region (South-Ossetia) hinder the stable development of the country. The also pose a threat to the internal and international security, as they create fertile grounds for terrorism, organized crime, and drug and arms trafficking. The Georgian Government is committed to solving these problems by peaceful means, in co-operation with relevant international organizations an accordance with appropriate international standards.

1.8   Cooperation with other international organizations
Georgia is determined to co-operate fully with the UN and the OSCE on issues related to resolution of conflicts and other relevant security issues on its territory. It is determined to enhance its co-operation with the European Union and implement standards of Council of Europe.

1.1    Security Policy
1.1.1.   Adopt a National Security Concept, reflecting key objectives, including related to integration into NATO
Action 1  Complete the draft national security Concept of Georgia

1.1.2   Provide more detailed, measurable and time- related Foreign and Security Policy objectives to serve as a basis for future evaluation

1.2      Relations with neighbours

1.2.1. Developing practical regional cooperation among Partners from th South Caucasus and Black Sea region.

Action 1  Identifying practical steps to promote regional cooperation in the Caucasus.

Action 2  Increase the regional dimension of selected PfP activities in area of cooperation already agreed in the Ad. Hoc Working Group on Prospects for Regional Cooperation in the Caucasus an Black Sea region.

1.2.2.    Contribute to regional security through cross-border studies

Action 1  Train Georgian expert in methods for Integrated Water management

1.2.3.    Relations with Russia

Action 1 Implement Istanbul CFE-related agreement

1.2.4.   Support regional cooperation on common environmental security concerns

Action 1 In collaboration with OSCE carry out monitoring and management Science for Peace project for the rivers bordering the Caucasus countries, and extend the project to include radioactivity.

1.3        Combating terrorism

1.3.1.     Contribute to relevant EAPC activities related to the fight against terrorism within the PAP-T framework

Action 1 Enhance national capabilities to combat terrorism.

Action 2 Enhance border control and policy.

Action 3 Review national stockpile of ammunitions and small arms and light weapons to ensure appropriate security and safe destruction of surplus stocks (see Objectives 2.5.1. Action 2).

1.3.3.   Enhance Georgian contribution to combating terrorism

Action 1

• Develop measures aimed at preventing the threat of terrorism, trafficking of weapons and drugs, money-laundering and illegal migration;
• Develop pipelines security measures;
• Mobilize internal resources and attract foreign material and technical support.

Action 2 Share experience and knowledge with experts from EAPC Countries in issues related to Food Chain Security.

Action 3 Share experience and knowledge with experts from EAPC countries on issues related to Eco-Terrorism.

1.4.         Democracy, human rights, rule of law, fight against corruption

1.4.1.   Bring national legislation on human rights in line with International Standards

Action 1 Relevant Council of Europe Convention on “European Charter on Regional or Minority Languages”, “European Social Charter” and “Framework Convention on National Minorities” to be ratified by the Parliament.

Action 2 Presentation to the Parliament of the law “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations”.
1.4.2.    Fight against corruption

Action 1 Drafting and presentation to the Parliament of an anticorruption package of legislative acts. These will relate to:

• Real Estate and Fixed Assets
• Executive proceedings
• Criminal Code
• Civil Code
• General Inspections
• Arbitration Tribunal
• Notary
• Incompatibility of interest in Public Service

Action 2 Optimize the function of various agencies / Public administration reform.

Action 3 Elaborate anti-corruption strategy and preventive programs and monitor their implementation in cooperation with GRECO  (Group of State Against Corruption) and OECD (Organization for Economic Collaboration an Development);

1.5.       Democratic Control of the Armed Forces

1.5.1.    Ensure that democratic rules and principles are being implemented in the reorganization of the Georgian defence and security system.

Action 1 Review current legislative and judicial oversight of the defence sector, including appropriate arrangements to conduct due legal process (PAP-DIB objective 5.3)

Action 2 review current arrangements in the sharing of command and support responsibilities between the Head of state, the Government, The Armed Forces and potentially other actors in the field of control of forces (PAP-DIB objective 5.1).

1.6.       Economic development and policy priorities

1.6.1.     Ensure progress toward a balanced economic development as well as the structural transformation of economy

Action 1 Undertaken steps toward state economic reforms:
• Remuneration system for public servants
• Management of public enterprises
• Privatization process
• State procurement process
• Statistical records of tax collection
• Foreign trade and balance payment statistics
• Antimonopoly legislation and competition policy

Action 1 Ensure relevant and rational use of foreign assistance.

Action 2 Prevent inappropriate usage of state financial resources , including abuse of official duties.

1.7.1.    Georgia will continue its peaceful conflict resolution policy

Action 1 Inform Allies of the evolution on these issues taking into account the leading role of the UN and the OSCE.

Action 2
• Determine the Status of Autonomous Entities;
• Facilitate the return of Refugees and IDPs;
• Rehabilitate the conflict zones.

1.8.1.    Encourage complementarity of actions of International organizations active in Georgia.

Chapter II: Defence, Security and Military issues

2.1            Defence planning issues

Georgia intends to undertake a fundamental reorganization and reform of all its military and para-military structures to build a viable capacity for the security of the nation, as well as to have the capacity to contribute to international, including NATO-led, operations on an appropriate scale.

2.2           Defence planning issues

Georgia intends to ensure that the professional capacity exists to conduct the necessary restructuring in line with the outcomes of the Strategic Defence Review (SDR) as regards each of the service and in specialized areas such as control of national airspace, mobilization and reserve policies. It is also essential to develop the necessary policies related to human resources and its various aspects involving personnel management, salaries and social conditions in order to build a viable personnel base for armed forces.

2.3         Defence interoperability issues

Georgia regards interoperability as essential, and intends to establish, training management policies and procedures and their correspondent institutions as related to the development of overall armed forces standards and practices. These are also critical to the goals of interoperability and to build a professional officer corps.

2.4        Defence economics

Georgia intends to improve the efficiency and monitoring of its defence expenditure and defence budgeting process in order to develop affordable and sustainable defence capabilities.
Georgia intends to adopt a coherent and long-term plan of addressing the economic implications of military site convection of the size of armed forces.

2.2       Defence and security reform

2.1.1     Conduct Strategic Defence Review (SDR)

Action 1 Defence objectives and organize appropriately for conduct of SDR

Action 2 Conduct Threat Assessment

Action3 Develop a life cycle/costing capability

Action 4 Develop SDR

Action 5 Develop implementation plan for SDR

2.1.2.    Design a defence and force planning system

Action 1 Conduct training of designated personnel in defence planning (MOD /J5)

Action 2 Draft key documents

2.2       Defence planning issues

2.2.1.   Defence restructuring

Action 1 Enact necessary legislation in military management, state procurement, military service, and status of military personnel

Action 2 Reorganize and restructure land forces; subject to SDR

Action 3 Optimize naval capabilities/reorganize and restructure navy and Coast Guard;
Subject to SDR

Action 4 Reorganize and restructure air force; subject to SDR

Action 5 Establish Air Solution Data Exchange with NATO

Action 6 Establishment of modern air surveillance system

Action 7 Development of modern ground-based air defence capabilities; subject to SDR

Action 8 Establish new roles and missions on National Guard; subject to SDR

Action 9 Establish new mobilization and reserve system

Action 10 Review and recognize reminder of security sector (other para-military forces);
Subject to SDR

2.2.2.     Ensure adequate human resources for Defence

Action 1 Develop and implement a civilian management system

Action 2 Train MOD civilian stuff in current responsibilities and develop a long term training programme

Action 3 Implement an equitable pay and allowances system for both civiliam and military personnel.

2.3.      Military and Interoperability Issues

2.3.1    Develop a military Education and Training System

Action 1 Develop individual and small unit training standards; in parallel, review NATO doctrines, tactics, techniques and procedures for possible adoption for use by the Georgian Armed forces

Action 2 establish commissioned officer and NCO professional development and education programmes

Action 3 Improve management of foreign language training system

2.3.2     Ensure Host Nation support (HNS) capability for NATO- led exercises and operations

Action 1 Develop national HNS Capability Catalogue Database

Action 2 Negotiate an MOU with NATO

2.4       Defence Economics issues

2.4.1     Resource Management

Action 1 Establish resource management system

Action 2 Restructure MOD finance department

Action 3 Train financial staff in accounting and procurement procedures

Action 4 Develop new management techniques for defence resource

2.4.2     Conversion and management if Military Sites

Action 1 Establish a logistics and infrastructure management system

Action 2 Catalogue and assess all defence infrastructure, study completed identifying assets, assessment needed and then poet SDR decision required on usage
Action 3 Improve or dispose of sites based upon interim needs

Action 4 Start preparatory studies on economic development potential of the military sites identified for closure

Action 5 Retain and then commence development of remaining sites

2.4.3   Retraining Projects for Military Personnel

Action 1 Expand the scope of current resettlement efforts
2.4.4 Affordability and sustainability of defence

Action 1 Develop forecasting tools to assess economic resources available for defence

2.5. Defence and Security investment Issues

2.5.1 Armaments cooperation

Action 1 Conduct full inventory of all equipment and munitions

Action 2 Develop and implement a plan to safely store usable ammunition, and to dispose of excess and unsafe munitions, as well as small arms and light weapons

Action 3 Implement standardization and categorisation equipment plan

Action 4 Develop policies and procedures for all armament procurement

2.6. Logistics

2.6.1 Enhance the logistic interoperability of the Georgian forces with deployed NATO forces

Action 1 Restructuring the logistic systems

Action 2 Develop a national interoperability concept

Action 3 Train logistic staff as logistic liaison personnel

2.6.2. Achieve Host Nation Support (HNS) capability at NATO standard  

Action 1 Develop and implement a concept for providing HNS

Action 2 Develop national HNS Capability Catalogue Database

Action 3 Negotiate an MOU with NATO

2.6.3. Ensure standardised and interfaced national logistic codification system

Action 1 Establish national codification section

2.6.4 Develop and implement plan to introduce in-service the received donated equipment (from logistic support perspective)

Action 1 Implement SGPLE Equipment donation checklist


3.1 Public information on security and defence matters

Georgia intends to develop an active and coordinated public information strategy to ensure that the security and defense transformation and modernization, including democratic and civilian control over the armed forces, is understood and supported by the Georgian people.

3.2 Science/CCMS

Georgia intends to use scientific co-operation with NATO to support national reform efforts and help address the social, economic and environmental implications of this reform. It will also strive to enhance the capabilities of the Georgian scientific, academic and government institutions to better contribute to meeting threats to security, including terrorism.

3.3 Civil emergency planning and emergency preparedness

Georgia intends to decisively improve its CEP system, focusing on more efficient mechanisms, more adapted structures and the training of CEP personal

3.3 Public information on defense and security issues

3.1.1 Develop national information strategy in support of national reforms

Action 1 Create a special task force with participation of authorities, NGOs and media representatives to develop and implement the national strategy

3.1.2 Improve public awareness on NATO

Action 1 Establish a national Information Center on NATO

Action 2 Develop an information campaign

3.2 Science Cooperation and Challenges of Modern Society

3.2.1 Develop scientific cooperation with NATO to better support national priorities, policy and reform objectives

Action 1 Expend connections to the Virtual Silk Highway internet system

Action 2 Modernize national structures and policies for science. See also objectives 1.2.4 and 1.3.2

3.2.2 Reducing the environmental impact of military activities

Action 1 Implement Environmental management in the military sector (EMS), taking into account the Strategic Defense Review. See also objectives 1.2.2 and 1.3.3

3.3 Cooperation in civil emergency planning and emergency preparedness

3.3.1 Improvement of the national civil emergency system

Action 1 Improve role of Department of Emergencies and Civil Defence (MIA) response capacities in the filed of CEP and disaster and preparedness

Action 2 Improve the national CEP and disaster response as well as crises management structures

Action 3 Improve the training for the specialists and experts


4.1 Administrative issues

Georgia has already established high-level coordination bodies and mechanisms for the coordination and management of NATO/Partnership related policy and activities. This structure should now be adequately empowered to provide effective guidance and recommendations to government institutions.

4.2 Resources

Activities and programmes supporting IPAP should be adequately funded to ensure full participation of appropriate institutions and their representatives in priority cooperation activities.

4.3 Protective security

Georgia’s priority is to ensure as soon as possible, its capability to exchange classified information with NATO.

4.1 Administrative issues

4.1.1 Ensure effective IPAP implementation through coordination and coherent management of supporting programmes

Action 1 Establish adequate liaison with NATO at various level

4.1.2 Improve Liaison Arrangements

Action 1 Send Georgian Partner Staff Officer to NATO HQ, International Military Staff

4.2 Resources

4.2.1 Ensure adequate funding of IPAP supporting programmes and activities

Action 1 Identify and allocate resources requirements for the implementation of this programme of cooperation

4.3 Protective security

4.3.1 Re-establish an internal security system for the exchange of classified information between NATO and Georgia which is compliant with NATO requirements

Action 1 Re-locate the Central Classified Registry from the Office of the Parliamentary Committee to the National Security Council

4.3.2 Re-establish the means to communicate securely with NATO via electronic means

Action 1 Retrain MOD staff to use SY71s which have been provided to Georgia and are presently non-functional.

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